Shanghai SunQiao Modern Agriculture United Development Co., Ltd

Shanghai SunQiao Modern Agriculture Development Zone was established in September, 1994, and it is the first comprehensive modern agricultural development zone in China with a planning area of 4 square kilometers. The development zone is located in the center of Pudong where transportation is convenient. Shanghai SunQiao Modern Agriculture United Development Corporation is responsible for its development.

Positioning: A bridge that connects the agriculture of China to the world, and the traditional to the modern.

SunQiao Modern Agriculture United Development Corporation has became Shanghai's famous trademark since it was approved to be National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, Leading National Agricultural Enterprises, National-level Standardize Agricultural Demonstration Zones, National Science Base and more.

There are more than sixty enterprises residing in SunQiao development zone, leading the industries in seedlings, agricultural facilities, refineries of agricultural products, greenhouse production, biotechnology, recreation and sightseeing, as well as popularization of science.

SunQiao have been taking on more than 100 research projects from national, municipal and district level, and own more than 100 patents. Our warm receptions were given to more than three million tourists, one hundred delegations and tens of politicians and presidents.

In June 12, 2006, General Secretary Hu Jingtao visited SunQiao Development Zone and gave instructions to develop agriculture and rural economy, both of which held top priority in building a new socialist society, relying on technological innovation and progression and speeding up the building modern agriculture.

Shanghai Nanhui Investment Development Co.,?Ltd. of Modern Agricultural Zone

Shanghai Nanhui Investment Development Co.,?Ltd. of Modern Agricultural Zone operates on industrial investment, land exploitation, storage, construction of standard workshop and provenances agriculture. With its great locale and transportation advantage, Nanhui has also taken the opportunity to build an intelligent plant factory. While making profit, it also drives the industry towards a more environmentally-friendly direction.

Shanghai Binhai Industrial Development Co.,?Ltd.

Shanghai Binhai Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was established in July, 1993, and is responsible for the construction, development, operation and management of the coastal resorts of 56 square kilometers. It mainly operates upon agricultural investment and development, industrial investment, land exploitation, tourism development, infrastructure construction, investment and asset management. The company is also developing eco-friendly agriculture and tourism, whose functions are complementary to each other, and jointly they form considerable synergy between the two industries.

Shanghai Pudong Nongfa Lingang Construction and development Co.,?Ltd.

Shanghai Pudong Nongfa Lingang Construction and development Co.,?Ltd. was established in February, 2014. Responsible for approximately 6 square kilometers of stock land and development, construction and management, the company operates on land exploitation, industrial investment, assets management and tidal flats breeding.

With the advantages provided by Lingang, the company has utilizes existing stock land, attracts investments, and combines elements from modern agriculture, ecological agriculture, sightseeing agriculture, facility agriculture, and tourism agriculture.

Nanhui Supply and Marketing Cooperatives

Nanhui Supply and Marketing Cooperatives was established in May, 1950. It operates across four business segments: agricultural services, assets management and operation, commercial operation and strategic and financial investments. Over the years, Nanhui Supply and Marketing Cooperatives has gained experience in operations management, and has maintained solid relationships with many well-known merchants.

Shanghai Pusha Investment & Development Co.,?Ltd.

To help the economic and social development in the west region, Shanghai Pusha Investment & Development Corporation was established to assist the industrial investment, agricultural construction projects, and technical guidance services on agriculture.

Pusha has an excellent management and technical personnel, which took the responsibility on some of the most massive and successful projects, including the construction, operation and technical guidance of modern agricultural zone in Tibet, Sinkiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and Sichuan Province.

Shanghai Agricultural Technology Seed Co.,?Ltd.

Shanghai Agricultural Technology Seed Co.,?Ltd. is a corporation specialized in breeding and reproduction in seeds and seedlings. For the past few years, with the support and help of related departments of the government and increase of investment of science research, SunQiao-LaoGang provenance base was built for its commitment to intellectual property and the development of the industry.

Shanghai SunQiao Modern Greenhouse Seeds and Seedlings Co.,?Ltd.


Shanghai SunQiao Modern Greenhouse Seeds and Seedlings Co.,?Ltd. was established in November, 1999. Combing scientific research, design, development, production and sale, SunQiao Seeds and Seedlings is a high tech corporation.

The company now has 2.5 hectares of French aquaculture green house, and nearly 13.3 hectares of breeding base. Its operations include nursery stock, flowers and plants, seeds and seedlings of flowers, plants, and vegetable, as well as technological consulting related to greenhouse.