S&T Center of Innovation

S&T Center of Innovation

Innovation Centre for Science and Technology

Function Planning

Shanghai Modern Technology and Innovation Center aims to fulfill its goal of globalization with high-standard by learning the most advanced agricultural technology, achieving high efficiency, readjusting industrial structure, modernizing China’s agriculture under the focus of “one center, three platforms and two bases.”

One Center: Agricultural High-Tech Research and Development Center

Focuses on research and innovation of Seeds and Genomics, Agricultural Equipment, Intelligent Agriculture, and Circular Agriculture. First, establishing a national agricultural science and technology innovation functional center. Making SunQiao the exemplar of highest standard, as well as the internationally-competitive technical research and development highland. Second, building technology innovation alliance. Integrating various agricultural resources to achieve effective innovation in Shanghai. Third, concentration innovating enterprise. introducing and cultivating both national and international agricultural leading enterprises under the international standards.

Three Platforms: Advanced Agricultural Technology and Product R&D Supporting Platform, High-Tech Agriculture Enterprise Rallying Platform, and Agricultural High-Tech Achievements Cross-border Transactions Platform.

Advanced agricultural technology and product R&D supporting platform:First, building public laboratory platform.in accordance with the world-class standards, enticing research facilities around the globe. Second, building talent-aggregation platform.improving communication and information circulation. Third, building financial service platform,.accelerating agricultural transformation of scientific and technical result and agricultural industrialization.

2.High-Tech Agriculture Enterprise Rallying Platform: First, building industry-leader-rallying platform, attracting large agriculture-related enterprises to settled. Second,building innovative enterprises incubation platform, promoting massive entrepreneurship and innovation in modern agricultural field.

3.Agricultural High-Tech Achievements Cross-border Transactions Platform:making full use of the preferential policies of the Free Trade Zone. First, technology transaction platform,where positive development of agricultural science and technology e-commerce take place. Second, building product transaction platform, which make use of the strengths of Free Trade Zone, explore emerging trading patterns.

Two Bases: Agricultural Science and Technology Pilot Test and Demonstration Base

1.Agricultural Science and Technology Pilot Test Base: Processing pilot test for domestic and international industrialization of the agricultural scientific and technological achievement.

2.Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Base: emonstrate the result from pilot test.